Day: June 18, 2001


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Long Cultivars of Carrots

There is no doubt that the vegetable that I’ve had more success with over my years of exhibiting has been carrots, in particular the long

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A Guide to Celery Growing

Celery is a bog plant in it’s natural environment which immediately means that it likes moist damp conditions as well as plenty of organic matter.

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Growing Cabinets

My growing cabinet has now served it’s purpose for another year and the surrounding hardboard panels that form the outer skin have now been kept.

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Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

There’s no doubt that tomatoes certainly need more bench room than many other plants as they very quickly grow on under good growing conditions and

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Blanch Leeks

The blanch leeks that I am growing this year are from bulbils that were given to me by Peter Holden the current World record holder

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