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Bundle of Goods

Medwyn’s bundle includes:

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Medwyn’s bundle includes  Flit Spryer, Medwyn’s Liquid Gold, and Medwyn’s Liquid Tomato Feed at a cheaper rate! The bundle is also free of any courier charge, and the single £9.99 P&P charge helps you to save even more when buying from Medwyns of Anglesey.

Flit Spryer:

Flit Sprayer – Multi-use sprayer with brass nozzles and push-and-pull action– a must-have to add to your set of gardening tools are just what you need for all your spraying tasks around the garden. They fit any 1 or 2 litre soft drink bottle (not supplied). and great for a range of household jobs too.

Liquid Gold:

A new larger container of a growth stimulant involving new chemistry. Use as a foliar or soil and compost treatment. Increases root development ensuring maximum utilisation of all available nutrients. Excellent for drought tolerance by reducing transpiration through the leaves. A totally organic product. Sold in 500ml bottles.

Liquid Tomato Feed:

Our own tomato feed with an NPK level of 5:5:10 plus trace elements with added Fulvic acid. This is an unique tomato feed giving excellent results. The added Fulvic acid by way of Liquid Gold (Nutrimate) assist in transporting all the nutrients around the plant more efficiently.  Also ideal for feeding potatoes in pots or bags as well as Chillies and sweet Peppers.


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