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Hello. I'm Medwyn Williams – eleven times Gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show, Past Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee and President of the National Vegetable Society.

*Breaking News*


Breaking News 24th August 2012

We now know for a fact that Medwyns Liquid Gold (Liquid Nutrimate) allows you to grow Cauliflowers and cabbages on Club root infested land. We all know how devastating it can be when one day you go to your vegetable plot or allotment only to find the leaves of the brassicas are flopping around lifeless or even laying down flat on the ground.

A farmer in Belgium this year was devastated to find that his 5 hectare field of Cauliflowers had all succumbed to the dreaded Club Root Disease.  He was advised by his Agronomist to try spraying, as a trial only, a hectare of the field with Medwyns Liquid Gold (Liquid Nutrimate). The result was astonishing, within a matter of days the foliage were reinvigorated with the result that the farmer was able to harvest 35 tonnes of marketable cauliflowers.

The reason for this astonishing about turn is the fact that Medwyns Liquid Gold (Liquid Nutrimate) closes down the stomata when the plant is under stress, thereby allowing the plant to restore the root shoot balance.  The plant then produces new roots above the infected part of the stem structure

The dose is 10ml per litre after the plants have been settled into the ground followed by another 10 ml when half grown and a final 10 ml when the curd is just developing.  Medwyns liquid Gold is available in our current catalogue at £9.99 per 500ml bottle, but just for one month only from the above date I am prepared to sell it at Half Price.  A bottle will now therefore cost you £5.00 plus the usual P&P of £5.99.


In our New catalogue for 2012 – 2013 season, we will also be selling a new type of liquid tomato Feed. This will have the usual high quality nutrients for growing top class tomatoes but it will also be enhanced through the addition of our exclusive Medwyns Liquid Gold (Liquid Nutrimate). Liquid Gold with its high levels of Fulvic Acid is able to transport nutrients much better and faster throughout the plants vascular system. This means that you will have a stronger root system and the plants will be better able to cope under stressful conditions. The combined liquid feed will also be excellent for drought tolerance by reducing transpiration through the leaves which will certainly help towards preventing blossom end rot as well as improving the swelling of the fruit.


Growing Parsnips

25th July 2007 I am often asked what is the best method of growing both long carrots and parsnips for the show

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11 thoughts on “*Breaking News*

  1. Hi Medwyn, great story and should be very helpful to people who suffer from clubroot. Fortunately my ground doesn’t suffer. I tried a test this year on 4 barrels of parsnips, 16 parsnips in all. The compost mix used was just F2S + Vermiculite + Calcified Seaweed. After 6 weeks of growth i then foliar fed the parsnips with your liquid nutrimate once a week until the parsnips were pulled. The result being the best parsnips i have ever grown. They helped me to a red card in the mini collection at The Midland Branch Championships and i hope to stage 2 more in the same class at Malvern.

    1. Hi Marcus, We are still gathering information regarding how good our Liquid Gold (Liquid Nutrimate) really is. I have used it this year on my hanging baskets as well and I’ve had one of the best displays ever when you consider how bad a season it’s been. Don’t forget it’s now available at £5.00 a bottle plus P&P of £5.99, a reduction of 50% until the end of the Summer. A number of growers are using it on their carrots, Jim McCartney uses 20ml in 3 litres of water when mixing his carrot compost. This is added with a sprayer as the mix is turning in the Cement mixer. A number of growers are also regularly using as spray and drench on their tomatoes.

  2. Really interesting and Marcus’ parsnips at Waddesdon show were a revelation. Do you think it may help with runner benas going beany in hot weather conditions. What is the shelf life of the Liquid Gold i.e. it will be next year before I got round to using it now

    1. Dear John,

      I shall have to look out for myself with Marcus, he is fast becoming a Top grower and more power to his elbow. Liquid Gold will certainly help during hot dry weather as it closes the stomata (pores) on the leaves down thereby preventing excessive transpiration causing the plants to age prematurely. The shelf life is indefinite, it’s allegedly already 70 million years old! Just give the bottle a good shake you may over a longer period get some sedimentation in the bottom of the bottle. It’s on special offer at £5.00 a bottle at the moment.

  3. I have been using Nutrimate powder in my planting holes for years to combat clubroot and also giving it a couple of feeds of the liquid nutrimate, i have heavily affected ground with club root and i have been able to show and win with cauliflowers at NVS Branch level

    1. Dear Paul Have not heard from you in a while, glad to hear you are having success using our Powder Gold and Liquid Gold (NutriMate). Hope you are having a good season.

  4. 70 million years? Almost as old as you then Medwyn?

    I think John is being modest as he too has won tickets at Shrewsbury and Harrogate. Thanks to new technology there are several new exhibitors who have been able to fast-track their learning curve…..Owain Roberts, Sue McCall, Helen Vincent, Darren Blick to name but a few. And the likes of Paul McCleod of the National Vegetable Society has been instrumental in helping us all improve.

    Glad you’re blogging regularly Medwyn as we’re all hungry for your advice and information.

    1. I tell you what, after all the mileage I’ve done from show to show so far this year, I feel a million years old at times and it’s my seventieth birthday tomorrow, who cares anyway as it’s only a number!! Thanks for your comments regarding the Blog, I do hope to keep it up as regular as I can from now on. See you at Malvern next.

  5. I agree with Simon that its fantastic that you are doing the blog, when i get chance to talk to the likes of John Branham it makes you realise he has forgotten more than I know and things which are ‘matter of fact’ are entirely new to me. I don’t think we will ever stop learning. It will be the same with you. How is the book coming along and when do you reckon the English version will be available?

  6. hi medwyn can u tell me how I can buy nutrimate from you as I cant get fresh manure I hav just had my allotment three years

    1. You can buy Nutrimate from us in 1Kg tubs at &6.55 each – 10kg bucket at £30.00 each and 20kg bags at £54.00 each, all plus P&P. You can order from our on line shop or phone us on 01248 714 851.

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