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Medwyn Williams

Hello. I'm Medwyn Williams – eleven times Gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show, Past Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee and President of the National Vegetable Society.

Onions – Keeping the Stems Straight


There’s nothing worse after potting up your onion plants to see them all flopping about in their pots, very often leaning across each other. This is really as bad as it can get, because if the onions are going to be left to their own devices, they will soon be bent. This will inevitably happen low down on the stem of the plant, the very area which needs to be as upright as possible in order to ensure that later on, your onions will have good shape or, more importantly, good form.


Growing Parsnips

25th July 2007 I am often asked what is the best method of growing both long carrots and parsnips for the show

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