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4 Pot System



4 POT SYSTEM 15 Litre Pots

The 4 Pot System combines ease of use and minimal labour with the capacity to grow exquisite, fruitful, and even prizewinning plants. Popular with hobby gardeners, kitchen gardeners and NVS Champions alike, the fully-automated, power-free, gravity-fed 4Pot System takes the hassle and strain out of watering. This allows you to concentrate on cultivating larger plants to achieve their full potential.


With no need for electricity, pumps or timers you are free from the constraints of a power source. This makes the 4Pot System wonderfully flexible and gives you the option to arrange or move pots virtually at will. Pots can be added and removed with a minimum of fuss.


Each pot contains it’s own valve through which the plant draws water and nutrients. Individual plants can therefore control their own feeding requirements making the system truly responsive. The valve opens to supply water to a 20mm depth and then closes. Once the plants have exhausted that supply of water the valve reopens to repeat the cycle. No water is ever wasted, every drop is put to use in helping you raise healthy, beautiful plants effortlessly.

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