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BioLift 500ml



*Exclusive to Medwyns* 

BioLift is a Natural Disease Suppresant that complies with organic certification EU-Bio VO 2092/917 EC 834/2007

BioLift is a Biological inoculate for the soil.
It assists suppression of root diseases like fusarium, pythium , rhizoctonia and all forms of wilt as well as parasitic nematodes.
It assists in the suppression of all air borne moulds and fungal diseases.

It enhances germination.
It promotes quicker healthier root development.
It unlocks and releases plant nutrients from the soil naturally.
It improves the plants stress resistance.
It’s safe with other biological controls.
And its safe with children and pets.

1. Use it to water in all seeds when sowing
2. Use it to water in cuttings
3. Water it around the plant when planting
4. Use it for plants in pots or plants in the ground
5. For best results use every 2 weeks to build up the soil fertility but use more frequently on diseased plants or soil
6. 1 bottle dilutes to make approx 500 litres which for a general application will treat up to 500 sq. Metres.

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