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A modern-day product for maximizing the output of your soil and Growing Mediums with real gains in crop yield. Root+ contains 18 species of mycorrhiza (containing both endo- & ectomycorrhiza). 6 cultured and tested strains of microbes. An N-P-K ratio of 3-3-3 from organicBase and mineral nutrients. Adding Root+ at planting time will help develop a huge secondary root system using Mycorrhiza.  This not only increases the surface absorbing area of the roots but also releases powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard-to-get nutrients Application rate is 150g per 70 litre of compost or 2.5kg per 50 m2. Root+ is not compatible with  Brassicas and Beetroots.

PRICE: £14.90 per 500 gram container


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