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Light brown skin, mild to medium flavour. This variety stores better than most when harvested in June. Resists bolting.

These are sometimes referred to as Japanese onions and vice versa. They are both treated the same and grow in the same way. Plant the bulbs from late September to late October early November while the soil is still warm. The intention of these sets is to fill what used to be known as ‘The hungry gap’. They are ready to harvest in June when the other stored onions have finished and new stocks not yet available.

These sets are normally ready a month to six weeks earlier than normal types. Do not plant on heavy or clayey soil as they might rot over the winter months. They will develop a strong root system initially but from November to early March the onions will be hibernating. As soon as they have some early spring sunshine to wake them up, they will start growing again in earnest. The combination of lengthening days and more warmth allows them to grow strong foliage to enlarge the bulb using the established root system.

Prior to planting mark out the row with a bamboo cane or string to keep the row in a straight line. Then every 10cm / 4in make a small hole in the soil with your finger and place an onion set into it. Plant rows about 30cm / 1ft apart, just enough to allow for hoeing weeds. They are capable of withstanding light frost but if severe frost is in the forecast cover them with a cloche or Winter grade fleece.

Sold in 250-gram weight. (approximately 80 sets)


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