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Hello. I'm Medwyn Williams – eleven times Gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show, Past Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee and President of the National Vegetable Society.

BioLift – Natural Disease Suppressant


Over the years I have often been asked to try out various new products, all of them claiming pretty near miraculous results. Some certainly do work such as Nutrimate and Charge. We are now exclusively selling BioLift.

BioLift is a Natural Disease Suppressant that complies with organic certification EU-Bio VO 2092/917 EC 834/2007

Bio Lift

  • BioLift is a Biological inoculate for the soil.
    ●It assists suppression of root diseases like fusarium, pythium , rhizoctonia and all forms of wilt as well as parasitic nematodes.
    ● It assists in the suppression of all air borne moulds and fungal diseases.
  • It enhances germination.
    ●It promotes quicker healthier root development.
    ●It unlocks and releases plant nutrients from the soil naturally.
    ●It improves the plants stress resistance.
    ●It’s safe with other biological controls.
    ●And it’s safe with children and pets.
  1. Use it to water in all seeds when sowing
    2. Use it to water in cuttings
    3. Water it around the plant when planting
    4. Use it for plants in pots or plants in the ground
    5. For best results use every 2 weeks to build up the soil fertility but use more frequently on diseased plants or soil
    6. 1 bottle dilutes to make approx. 500 litres which for a general application will treat up to 500 sq. Metres.

XL ProBio products are used by some of the countries leading commercial growers,
Chelsea Gold Medal winners, record holding giant vegetable growers as well as many of the top golf clubs, football and rugby clubs.

To see if the manufacturer’s claims were right I tried it on my onions growing in pots on the bench in the glasshouse. The onions are in two rows together with a row of Pot leeks and a row of large onions from Bill Jones Wrexham. The onions were planted randomly and around a month ago

My own onions in 30 litre pots.
My own onions in 30 litre pots.

I started giving one row only along the length of the bench a dose of BioLift. After planting up the rows looked very similar in every way but within a month each onion in the row given BioLift were larger the ones opposite to them that were only given water. I was told by the manufacturer to expect a 15% increase in growth and all I can say is that it does seem to be working. My onions on 11 inches fed with BioLift

The 6 large onions given to me by Bill Jones are still growing away well with the largest now measuring today 16 ½ʺ in circumference

Bill Jones Onion on 16.5 inches 3105
Bill Jones Onion on 16.5 inches 3105

with another three slightly smaller. Of the other two, one decided to split into three whilst the other turned out to have a strong tint of red through it. I split the one that had three heads

Large onion from Bill Jones split into three 070516 and split again later on.
Large onion from Bill Jones split into three 070516 and split again later on.

by cutting right through in between the foliage and through the root plate in the hope that the single head left would develop again. It was not to be as the one left behind split into three again and I’m sure that Bill Jones has crossed this onion with a shallot!

Red Onion Bill Jones 14 inches
Red Onion Bill Jones 14 inches

The red onion is now looking promising and if it grows to good size I will keep it for seed next year in the hope that it will produce onions of the same colour. Large onions with a hint of red through them would certainly look good on the display. This red onion would of course be grown at home as I certainly don’t want it to cross with the ones that I produce seed from down on the Land.

The Pendle Improved Leeks are on 21 inch collars, the first time I’ve pulled that high in many years. They seem to be pulling well and are averaging around 5½ʺ around. Obviously with pulling them so quickly the girth will be slower to bulk up, but they look fine at the moment.

I also had three Betty Black Leeks from Bill Jones, they were in 3 inch pots when I had them and they anow measure 7.5 inches around, which is good for me at this time of year. The three are now potted up into 110 litre pots into a mixture of Humax with added Nutrimate and some of our own top soil and slow release fertiliser. No doubt some of the growers up the North East will have bigger ones, please let me know how big yours are.

Leeks Pendle Improved on 21 inch collars the 10th May
Leeks Pendle Improved on 21 inch collars the 10th May

BioLift is now available from our on line shop at £16.99 for 500ml inclusive of post and packing.



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  1. I had a problem with common scab on my potatoes growing in deep beds with a mixture of compost and manure would biolift help to eradicate this problem Thanks Robert

    1. Having spoken with the manufacturer it would work to prevent the common scab but it would have to be used from day one at triple the strength

  2. hi can you spray oninos and show leeks with bio lift

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