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BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus



CANNA Research has succeeded in developing a certified, organic soil that meets international organic standards. Bio Terra Plus is made up of 100% natural materials and as such can also be used for organic cultivation. Bio Terra Plus is made up of top quality peats which include superior quality white peat. The airy structure of white peat is supplemented with shredded tree bark that has natural anti-fungus properties. BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus only contains organic fertilisers of plant origin that are released according to the plant’s needs. In this way, the plant always gets the optimal amount of nutrients. High-quality peat that is used is the best quality that can be used and can only be found in a few places around the world. The longer fiber structures of the peat in Bio Terra Plus are much lighter which is an absolute advantage for the plant. in contrary to cheaper versions much lighter. The bark we use has special characteristics. Low-quality bark can often be the cause of negative molds. The one used in Bio Terra Plus has anti-septic characteristics! In Bio Terra Plus there’s also the use of coco’s fiber, actually, the best Coco is used: CANNA COCO.

50 litre Bag

If ordering large Quantities please phone for Pallet Price.


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