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Bone Meal 20KG



Medwyns sterilised Bone Meal is a slow release organic fertiliser to encourage root development. Bone Meal is an organic fertiliser which provides both , nitrogen phosphate and potash in the following ration 3.5- -18.0 – 0 three elements essential for healthy plant growth. This slow, steady release of nutrients over a long period make Bonemeal an ideal fertiliser for the preparation of leek and onion beds.

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A good root system is fundamental to all healthy plant growth and as phosphates do not easily pass through the soil, mixing bone meal with soil or adding a handful at planting gets them off to a flying start. Use bone meal as a general plant food to keep all plants, especially roses, in excellent condition and full of vitality throughout the growing season.


Apply at 140gms per metre square for general plant feeding

Apply at 135gms per metre square for roses and shrubs

Apply at  a rate of 70gms per metre square for pre planting soil preparation.

When applying bone meal to the soil, work well in with a fork or hoe. Remember to apply evenly. Take care to keep off leaves and stems to avoid scorching plants. Water in well after application.

Feed plants with bone meal twice a year – once in spring then in autumn after the first frost.


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