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DeliIstar F1 Cucumber Plants


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Available Apr 18, 2023.


Greenhouse type.

 Grows to about 7 to 8 inches in length with a very pale mint green colour and has an outstanding flavour. Bred to have a thin skin, you bite through it as if there was no skin there, no need to peel. The fruits are produced in abundance, from  50 to 100 per plant, and have a mild flavour with no bitter after taste. This climbing RHS AGM variety is easy to train in the greenhouse. Height: 3m (9’). Spread 45cm (18”). Cucumber plants are difficult (and expensive) to grow from seed. Remove the risk by buying our greenhouse ready plants. Grow on in 9cm pots (3 ½”) for 3-4 weeks, then plant out into Pots or grow bags.

You will receive a pack of 5 Premium Quality Cucumber Plants grown in a large Jiffy 7 pellet. All orders are carefully packed and shipped in strong plastic Blister packs from mid-April.

Feed regularly when plants are established for a tasty bountiful crop of quality cucumbers.



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