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Hello. I'm Medwyn Williams – eleven times Gold medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show, Past Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Fruit Vegetable and Herb Committee and President of the National Vegetable Society.



I have never seen as much rain as we had on Boxing Day, the heavens opened up for most of the day with Anglesey damn near cut off from the mainland. Both main arteries to North Wales were impassable with the A55 and A5 completely flooded over. We had rain throughout November, every day, and through to December so it’s impossible to push any more water into a fully saturated sponge, that’s a reflection on the condition of the land around here. When I went down to the greenhouse on the land on Boxing Day I couldn’t believe the amount of water that was all over the place, it was over my boots in most places. However when I got into the greenhouse there was about four inches of water covering the whole floor and getting close to our power supply. Alwyn and Alina went there later to open a ditch alongside as well as placing some sandbags along the front opening. The unreal thing was watching Alina watering the leeks and onions with gallons of water floating below her!

The leeks however are doing fine with quite a few potted up into 3.5 inches pots using Levington M3. The weather though is unreal, we haven’t had a touch of frost this year on the Island with temperatures well above 10 on most days and not dropping an awful lot at night either. I trust none of you have had any problems with the weather, my heart certainly goes out to those whose homes have been flooded, it must be a nightmare and the worst experience of their lives.

It beats me how successive Governments can afford to give away so much money, Billions, to other countries in adversity when we need the money equally as much as they do, if not more on occasions such as this. I always thought Charity started at home first.


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  1. I bought cauliflower seeds together with other seeds from you last year though lockdown. The Cauliflowers were huge I had say many comments on them, I swapped some for other veg that I did not grow.
    I hated cauliflower as a child and into adulthood, but since a friend told me to roast them instead, this is the way i cook them now. They absolutely come into their own, I had Concept 1, and they are soooo tasty. I could just eat a plateful with nothing else on the plate.

    Thank you , I am just about to order another batch of seeds.

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