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Prize Winning Onions

The variety that I have been winning with this year is a brand new variety called Tasco which is being introduced for the first time

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Artificial Lighting

There’s no doubt about it that the use of artificial lights in the greenhouse has improved both the quality and size of our leeks and

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Growing Giant Cabbages

A lot of people derive a great deal of pleasure and fun from trying to grow a particualr vegetable to it’s limits, and some of

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Tomatoes and Onions

My tomatoes will be sown sometime today which will hopefully give me some to stage at the National Championships which are this year being held

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Potatoes and Leeks

Particularly vulnerable to frost at this time are the young sprouting shoots on your exhibition potatoes, do make sure that they are well protected. The

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Growing Cabinet

My growing cabinet has been fully utilised from early November with the leeks initially having the benefit and then followed on by the onions. None

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Long Cultivars of Carrots

There is no doubt that the vegetable that I’ve had more success with over my years of exhibiting has been carrots, in particular the long

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A Guide to Celery Growing

Celery is a bog plant in it’s natural environment which immediately means that it likes moist damp conditions as well as plenty of organic matter.

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