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NVS Judges Seminar

At most shows, very often the judges have to select the best dish of vegetables in the show, at local level this can often be

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Judging of Vegetables

The Judging of horticultural produce is not an exact science and never will be and a decision often rests on something about which two opinions

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Produce for Chelsea

It’s all too easy to take everything for granted now that I have won three gold medals on the run and I was very abruptly

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The Onion Beds

Soil samples from the Onion Beds had been sent away for analysis earlier on and the readings on their return showed that the soil was

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Success with Tomatoes

I haven’t had much success over the past few years with tomatoes, and I must admit that it’s probably becasue I haven’t been giving them

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Germinating Parsnips

I worry more about the seed of parsnips germinating than any other vegetable seed; they can be so erratic, and if they decide not to

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