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Tullamore Show Co Offaly

I simply love visiting Ireland and in particular to Judge the vegetables at the Tullamore Show in Co Offaly. The show is the largest of

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Growing Long Carrots

My first lot of long carrots were a bit of a disaster when I sowed them in 6 inch diameter pipes for Chelsea. From the

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Growing Parsnips

It only seems like last week that I was boring holes and sowing my parsnip seed in the blue plastic drums last February. Since talking

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Starting from now, and through to the end of September, will see us right in the middle of the showing season. There will literally be

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Parsnip House Saga

I know I can grow good parsnips, if I could only get them sown on time, last year was during early March which for me

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Growing Rhubarb

Rhubarb is classified as a vegetable in all gardening books and show schedules, but always eaten as a fruit. Indeed a vast number of cultivars

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Mixes for Onions

Last year I had a visit to Westlands factory over in Dungannon Ireland and I was really impressed with the standard of all the products.

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Days Gone By

What a difference there is now in the general technique of growing to what it was then. Also both the quality and size of nearly

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