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Getting the Harvest In

This is the time when we should be thinking about harvesting quite a few vegetables from the garden prior to the Autumn rains spoiling them.

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The Malvern Autumn Show

25th and 26th September 2004. The Malvern Great Autumn show is usually the last big vegetable celebration of the year for most gardeners. With regards

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Coping with Winter

Frost brings it’s own problems, it can particularly put a great deal of load on your electric greenhouse heater. Do make sure that you check

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Large Kelsae Onions

My own re selected seed of the large Kelsae onions are doing very well at the moment and will very shortly be ready for transplanting.

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Sowing and Growing Parsnips

Different growing mixtures, cultivars and timing makes the difference between show winning parsnips and the also ran. Sowing Parsnips It’s time to be thinking about

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