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Y Ddraig Goch F1 Tomato



I am really excited about this new hybrid variety that has been bred for me by a professional tomato breeder. A cross made with Goldstar seed from Charles Maisey and the proven show winner Cedrico that’s no longer available. A vine ripe variety with good flavour and possessing a large calyx.



5 reviews for Y Ddraig Goch F1 Tomato

  1. Bob Hiatt (verified owner)

    This is the first year I have grown these, but it certainly won’t be the last. They are the nicest tasting tomatoes of this type I’ve ever grown. My wife & I prefer them to Alicante & Shirley and I would suggest that for show growers, they
    Offer uniformity of size & colour.

  2. John Richard Laughlin

    Compact plants that do not overwhelm with vegetation and makes picking easy. Nice size fruit and a good taste.
    My only criticism is that the trusses struggle to bear the weight of the tomatoes and require tying in on some plants.

  3. Maddy (verified owner)

    This is the first time we have grown these Welsh tomatoes. They are fabulous , very tasty. Will only grow these tomatoes next year , we won’t bother with any other variety. We are very pleased .
    M & CW

  4. Sally

    Excellent tomato. The seeds were quick to sprout producing vigorous young plants. They produced lots of lovely tasty tomatoes right up until mid November. I will be growing again.

  5. Marion Williams

    Excellent plants that fruited well until November. Any remaining green tomatoes picked and placed next to a Banana to ripen.
    Worked a treat.
    Will definitely order these again.

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